From pencil marks in old scorebooks to live-scored, video-streamed matches, statistics have always been part of cricket.
Some of our early matches, playing friendlies, may be lost to time. But thanks to the efforts of the club legend that is Bish, the many players that have played for Didcot CC have their efforts recorded.
The current archivist is working on putting all the data in an accessible form...

The overall club statistics are, as with many clubs, a curate's egg: catchers aren't always visible from the far side of the ground; at the end of a Downs league game the emphasis is more likely to be on warmth, food and a drink; and players recorded with an initial may be duplicates. However, it's a fair assumption that DA's record of runs and wickets will take a long time to be surpassed!

The records for our league teams are now available:
League Statistics 2022 Update
1st XI
2nd XI
3rd XI
4th XI